Jobs & Internships

Florist Supervisor đŸŒș

Starting May 2022 we are looking for experienced florists that can fulfill the following:

  • German & English skills 
  • Drivers license
  • Experience working as a florist or floral designer, as an Azubi, freelancer, or in a shop 
  • Available for part-time work (20+ hours per week)
  • Flexible, reliable, and fun 


Getaway Driver  🚚

Starting immediately we are looking for a reliable driver to fulfill the following:

  • Experience driving a transport in the city 
  • Delivering sensitive cargo across Berlin 
  • Available Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • Dependable, trustworthy, and sociable 

Florist Internship đŸŒș

Starting June 2022 we are looking for florists-in-training that can fulfill the following:

  • German & English skills
  • Drivers license 
  • Pro-active and hungry to develop a multidisciplinary skillset 
  • Available part-time (between 10 - 15 hours per week) 
  • Flexibile, personable, self-motivated, and fun


Apply Now 

Send your CV & motivation letter to with the subject line: "HIRE ME FOR" + name of the position.