Plinth Vessel Bristol Fern
Plinth Vessel Bristol Fern

Plinth Vessel Bristol Fern


Moïo Studio is the Berlin-based ceramic art studio of French-Palestinian artist Maia Beyrouti. It was started in to develop a body of work investigating the role of objects that bridge art, craft, and design.

With a focus on sculptural vessels and an interest in expressive surfaces, each project comes together as a result of the studio’s ongoing glaze and clay materials research.
This informs a desire for certain forms and techniques inspired by architecture, raw materials, and celebrating mundane, utilitarian or overlooked details. All of the work is handmade by the artist in her studio.

The practice is an ongoing exploration of the familial and spacial relationship between humans, objects, surfaces and forms.

Plinth Vessel Bristol Fern dimensions: 8x23cm (8x33cm with fern) 

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